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Juliana Arsali is not an attorney. At Arsali LLC, Juliana Arsali works to ensure that daily business runs smoothly. Outside of Arsali LLC, Mrs. Arsali is an active community member dedicated to seeing quality educational opportunities for all students. After graduating from Principia College in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and minors in Political Science, Asian Studies, and Spanish, she applied and was accepted into Teach For America. She spent two years teaching 8th grade Math at Thoreau Middle School on the Navajo "Checker-board" Reservation. In her second year teaching, the unthinkable happened when one of her students took his life. This tragedy turned into a community-wide crisis when 14 other teens took their lives within a few months. After thinking and praying deeply about her role, Juliana committed to staying in Thoreau and creating a safe place where her students and the youth of the community could find help overcoming issues of poverty, gangs, alcohol and drug abuse, and the historical trauma that continues to effect Native communities today. Working with the community, Juliana founded the Thoreau Community Center. This 501(c)3 organization maintains the mission to "inspire hope, joy, and progress". After serving as the Executive Director, she handed off the leadership of the Thoreau Community Center to a local community member in 2013. Today, she serves as a member on the Thoreau Community Center's Board of Directors. Juliana was born and raised in South Florida and since her return, she has continued her passion to work with children from low-income communities teaching and volunteering in her town of Lantana. She sees her current role as Office Manager as a special opportunity to become more involved in her community and particularly to gain insights to and provide solutions for the issues facing children living in low-income neighborhoods. In 2011, Juliana received the Service Impact award at the Points of Light conference from the Corporation for National and Community Service Email Contact for Juliana Arsali: jarsali@arsalilaw.com